Heads Up Training

Based on the book, Spotting Danger Before It Spots You, This course breaks down the basic techniques necessary to help you develop good situational awareness and dramatically increase your levels of personal safety. Gary Quesenberry calls upon his extensive background as a counter-terror agent and defensive tactics instructor to explain these methods in simple terms that will greatly improve your general understanding of how, when and where violence occurs, providing you with the tools you need to properly identify and escape danger before it ever has a chance to materialize.

What you’ll learn: 

  • The basics of predatory behavior           

  • How to build your situational awareness

  • How to develop your personal defenses

  • Improving mindset 

  • Minimizing distractions

  • Controlling fear 

  • Building confidence            


Course Cost: $100 per person  

Students receive a free signed copy of Spotting Danger Before it Spots You                            

Duration: 8 hours (Classroom)

Class Capacity:  3 person minimum, 10 maximum

Age Limit: Must be 16 Years of age


Once you have a group of 15 or more attendees, click on the SCHEDULE TRAINING tab to discuss possible event dates and payment options.

"Today more than ever, it is imperative that we pay close attention to our surroundings and learn how to interpret what’s happening around us. Tragic events can often be both predictable and preventable.”


—Gary Quesenberry—